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    Ranma ½ Drama CD La Gran Batalla en Nekonron, China

    Movie 1 Drama CD: Huge Decisive Battle in Nekonron, China! Breaking the Rules of Fierce Fighting!
    Es una aportacion especial de Roxy0502

    Esta fue una edición limitada viene con las "Mejores Escenas de la Película 1" más destacado, y es extremadamente raro.

    Formato: .ape +.cue
    Tamaño: 422 MB
    Servidor de almacenamiento: 4shared
    Uploader: Roxy0502


    1. The decisive battle in Nekonron, China! -Opening- 

    2. Great confusion in the town! A gathering of the whole crew, chasing and being chased 

    3. Enter Lychee: Jasmine appears from a black cloud
    4. SKirin visits from the sky, when it thunders
    5. Now, Happosai's reminiscence being revealed
    6. The battle to reclaim Akane: Pursuit in the sky and on the sea
    7. The Journey to Nekonron: Pickles, and dishes of Akane's own cooking
    8. The Battle to Reclaim Akane: Showdown on the Ship
    9. Proposal to Akane: Kirin's resolve
    10. Reaching Shichifuku-zan: The battle against Bishamonten
    11. Ranma on the Go Board: Attack of Daikokusei and Daihakusei
    12. Huge Enemy: Muu's Weird Behavior
    13. Ultimate Feat: Monron vs. Shampoo
    14. Last Fort: Ebiten's Nightmare
    15. The Decisive Battle! Kirin vs. Ranma: The Wall of Chopsticks and the Watery Feat
    16. The End: Lychee's Love and Kirin's heart
    17. IT'S LOVE -To the Return Trip-
    18. The Decisive Battle in Nekonron, China! -Ending-

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